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    The microbes in our digestive systems can affect everything from our mental health to our weight and vulnerability to disease. So why not athletic performance? New science is set to revolutionize the way we eat, train, and live.​

Outside Magazine 1/15/2018

We travel for the new experiences and sometimes we get more adventure than we hope for. In particular, new germs and bacteria provide the gift of colds, upset stomachs and diarrhea. Travelers diarrhea prevention and immune system protection is no longer however a matter of luck.

Probiotics for athletes

Gut bacteria, help our immune system respond to invading bugs. And probiotics—as much as the word has been overused by yogurt, juice, and granola companies—do in-fact improve gut microbe function.

As they say, the proof is in the, well, yogurt: Team USA’s America’s Cup team saw a 30 percent reduc­tion in upper-respiratory incidents, a 47.5 per­cent reduction in sailing days lost, and a 54 percent reduction in full training days lost after going on a regimen of probiotics to prevent illness.

Montezuma’s revenge (aka Montezooma’s revenge)

Many factors contribute to the common traveler’s stomach illness called Montezuma’s revenge (sometimes spelled Montezooma’s revenge),  including altitude, water, spices, and even overeating. Our stomachs and immune systems are used to the food and bacteria at home so introducing new foods or water can cause the stomach illnesses associated with traveling. Read on for travelers diarrhea prevention tips…

3 steps to traveler’s diarrhea prevention

  1. Be especially careful with what you eat your first few days. Ease yourself slowly into trying new foods and more “adventurous” restaurants and street-cart food vendors.
  2. Make sure the tap water is safe to drink. If not, use only purified water. – Tips: a) Be careful with ice (it’s often made from tap water) b) don’t brush teeth with tap water c) Avoid, peeled fruits or vegetables rinsed in tap water.
  3. Take probiotics and other immune boosting vitamins

Best probiotics for travel / cold & travelers diarrhea prevention

A travel supplement has been specifically designed with probiotics for travelers diarrhea prevention. FLYGOOD is a first line immune defense against international stomach illness. As an added benefit, probiotics have been clinically shown to fight off viral infections similarly to vitamin C.

You can order FLYGOOD PROBIOTIC here – the best probiotics for travel.

NOTE: After four or five days in a new place, your body will acclimate and you can be more adventurous with your food choices – we still would avoid drinking the tap water.


Even the best preventive measures sometimes leave your body needing some outside help for travelers diarrhea prevention. Lomotil, Bactrim and even the OTC Pepto Bismol are common travelers diarrhea medicines used to fight leakage.

OTC diarrhea prevention’s have pros and cons

Lomotil is taken when diarrhea starts and it will stop diarrhea; however, when the bowels stop, the bacteria or irritant will not be washed out and the diarrhea will most likely recur, this is similar with Pepto Bismol. Lomotil also has side effects and may be linked to glaucoma. Bactrim is an antibiotic and is said to be 100 percent effective in preventing traveler’s diarrhea, but it is not for long-term use and using it for even short periods of time may upset the beneficial bacteria levels in your system longer term. Unfortunately for travelers, Bactrim can also make you more sensitive to the sun.

The drugs above have their time and place but wouldn’t you rather give a probiotic for travelers diarrhea prevention a chance first?

Travelers diarrhea may affect 50% of healthy travelers to tropical or hot climates

World map showing travelers diarrhea treatment incidence by region
Travelers diarrhea is common in hot climates. Probiotics for travelers diarrhea may prevent the runs and serve as a good alternative to prescription travelers diarrhea medication


Illustration of traveler seeking high altitude sickness prevention for mountain hikers and everyday flyers

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