Seth Baum

Seth is an architect who just finished leading a team that restored the dome of the US capital building. He is now working on keeping the rest of America’s East Coast landmarks in good shape.

When he’s not scaling American monuments he is traveling the world to triathlon train, climb, hike, snowboard and shoot hoops. He’s also a budding homeopath with a line of joint and scrape balms that he applies liberally to his many bruises and generously shares with friends.

Facebook: seth.baum.54
Instagram: sethbaum

Catalina de
la Cruz

Katharina is a mountain guide and life coach based in Austria. She grew up in a small town in the alps with the nature in her blood and the mountains in her soul.

She frequently travels the world in pursuit of authentic experiences with people of diferent cultures, especially those who embrace the natural world.
What makes her happiest is helping people push past what they thought their limits were and experiencing the thrill of the “top of the mountain.” She credits her father with passing on his spiritual connection to the trees and peaks of the world.

Facebook: katharina.ttol
Instagram: alpine_travel_lilly


Dr. Hugo Alvarez

Hugo is the owner and founder of OM Healing Center in Cuenca, Ecuador.

He started his health-care career in his native country where he attended medical school.
He is a gradutate from York University in Toronto. He was not satisfied with the methods of conventional practice and decided to pursue Homeopathic medicine. He is a graduate of the Toronto School of Homeopthic Medicine and a certified Quantum biofee back Therapist and a psychotherapist. He is an experienced homeopath who successfully completed and is qualified in the theory, practice and management of cases according to classical Hahnemannian principles of Homeopathic Therapeutics.

Facebook: omhealingcentercuenca

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